Tourism Sustainability Commitment & New Zealand Tourism Industry Association

When you visit New Zealand you will be amazed at what a gorgeous, green country it is, very clean, with very little rubbish lying around.  We're very keen to keep it this way and to do our bit for the environment. We recycle all our waste, even our old tyres are collected and recycled. And you can help too ... you will notice our 'Take it or Leave It' recycling bins in our reception area for you to donate any unwanted items, or to help yourself to pre-loved items. You won't find rubbish bins in our pristine national parks - you will be expected to take any litter 'home' with you. 

New Zealand Sports Car Tours have agreed to adopt the New Zealand Tourism Sustainability Commitment and support the New Zealand Tourism Industry's Vision which is to lead the world in sustainable tourism. 

Envonironment Policy
Our Vision - To invest in the future wellbring and sustainability of NZ as a whole, now and for years to come, through responsible tourism. To lead lead the sports car rental and touring industry in our efforts to offset carbon pollution and develop our business at every level to ensure waste is minimised and our environment protected.  

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So, what is  sustainable tourism?  Well, it's so much more than reducing carbon and waste!  Of course we'll be constantly looking at ways in which we can reduce our carbon 'footprint' and we have waste reduction and management programmes in place.  Bu sustainable tourism is also
  • restoring, protecting and enhancing our natural environment;
  • contributing to ecological restoriation initatives
  • paying a fair wage to our staff, and activitely engaging with the communities in which we operate. 
  • It's making sure you've received a satisfactory experience by evaluating and reporting on your feedback.
  • It's striving for excellence by constantly seeking to upgrade or enhance your overall experience. 
  • It's educating you about our cultural and behavioural expectations.
  • And in the longer term, we'll be looking at investing our capital in order to grow and further improve the quality of our products and our productivity.

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